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Essentials Accessories Guide

The Essentials for Every Ride

You've picked up an awesome new bike - great! Or maybe you've already riding one you love - also great! Check out our curated list of basic accessories to ensure you have everything you need to have a fun ride. 

Bike Lights 

Bike lights are the essential accessory for every ride, day and night. Bontrager's ultra-bright, all-weather headlights and tail lights provide visibility at night and help you stand out during daylight hours. 


A great bike helmet is a must-have for every rider. Of all your gear, your helmet does the most important job.  For maximum safety check out the Bontrager Wavecel helmets - they feature extra technology that is proven to minimize injuries versus a traditional foam helmet. 

$151.96 - $174.95
$174.95 - $189.95
$139.95 - $189.95
$139.95 - $189.95
$79.96 - $109.95
$99.95 - $109.95
$195.96 - $244.95
$34.99 - $64.99
$64.98 - $64.99
$159.99 - $199.99
$199.99 - $214.99
$195.96 - $244.95
$151.96 - $189.95
$151.96 - $189.95
$184.95 - $189.95


Kickstands make life a lot easier! For storing your bike or a water break mid ride - just flip it down and you're good to go.

For Trek bikes: We recommend using the Bontrager Adjustable Rear Mount Kickstand. It neatly fits onto a dedicated slot on the bike.
For other bikes: Other kickstand models may work depending on the design of the frame. Contact us to inquire about compatibility. 


Brring brring. Ring Ring. Ding ding ding. 

Bottle Cages & Water Bottles 

Stay hydrated on every road, mountain, and city ride. 

Bags, Baskets, Panniers 

Whether you're commuting across town or touring across the country, having a convenient way to haul the essentials is an absolute necessity. 

Repairs & Basic Maintenance

Our service team has you covered for the big stuff, but it pays to be prepared just in case.

To carry on a ride: We recommend a basic tool kit with a multitool, tire levers, patch kit, and spare tube for the inevitable flat tire.

At home:  Keeping your bike cleaned and your chain lubed will prolong the life of your bike between major tune-ups. Drivetrain cleaners, chain lube, and cleaners for the frame will ensure your bike always runs smooth.

Pumps & Co2

Maintaining tire pressure helps your bike move faster and helps prevent flats. This should be checked before every ride  A good floor pump is perfect for home use, and a portable pump is useful for carry with you just in case. Want something more compact? Co2 cartridges slip into packs without taking much space.


Whether stopped for coffee, picking up groceries, or parking your bike while in school, you'll want to secure your ride. Cable locks work for short stops, while U-locks and metal bodies locks are best if you'll be stepping away for a while. 

Cycling Computers, Phone Holders 

Keep track of the essential data you need. Basic computers can track speed and distance, or opt for a GPS computer for easy access to maps and routes. 

Your smart phone works great as well! Use one of our sturdy smart phone holders for east access to your data.