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 Making the world a better place with bikes. 

We started with a simple mission - share the joy of cycling with the world and treat people right. 

At our core we are full service bike shops dedicated to offering great products and reliable service. We love bikes and know firsthand how much bikes can be a positive force in a person's life. Remember how proud you were the first time your child rode without training wheels? How about the sense of accomplishment you felt when you rode further than you ever expected? Or how about discovering that new trail and reconnecting with nature? Those are the kinds of beautiful moments we want to make a reality.

 Since opening Evolution Cycles 15 years ago we've known that we wanted to build a better bike shop. We saw that the bar for customer service in retail wasn't all that high. Why was it so hard to treat people with kindness, courtesy, and respect? Bike shops can be intimidating places to walk into, but they don't have to be. 

So we're doing something different - putting people first.

Treating people right is always our focus. Whether helping get you a new bike, or servicing one you already have, we never want to lose touch with the importance of hospitality. Unlike a big retail company, we only bring on top-notch staff who believe in our mission through and through. 

We hope to see you soon!

- The Evo family